Guest star: Quirky the Blind Kitten

Awesome and have a blessed day thank you for sharing


Hi everyone,

Today’s Guest star post is for Quirky who was adopted by Frank and Vicky Giannangelo on San Juan Island, WA,in Aug. 2013, and in January 2014 they all moved back to New Mexico.


Quirky lives a pretty normal life….! He plays, eats, and uses the litter box just like the other kitties. We have declared that he was born on July 23rd, 2013….he was found in the woods with his sisters near the San Juan Island dump and brought to the local shelter.

He was almost put to sleep because he was blind, either from birth or some trauma, and had head shakes. He has outgrown most of the head shaking, but when he in intent on something, we notice a little quivering.

He is a very happy kitty and really navigates well… he will run his ears along a wall until he knows where the doors are…

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