European Foul Brood: How we coped with a bee crisis

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This is a scary post. As relatively new bee keepers we’ve dealt with something quite nasty this month.

Two weeks ago we opened our fourth hive and encountered an unusual foul smell.

After a couple of phone calls it became clear we were dealing with a very serious problem.

There are a couple of terrible diseases that terrorise bee hives and beekeepers.

A foul smell can be a significant clue to the problem.

The first thing we had to do in the devastation was establish what type of disease it was.

Foul brood is a disease which manifests with strange positioned larvae which turn to mush before they are supposed to be hatched. There are two kinds.

The American type, which is more serious, is identified by the way the mush forms long threads from a toothpick.

If this occurred in a hive it needs to be declared to the…

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