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Any minute, I expect some official call and congratulate me on my shiny, new medal! Why you ask? Because I spent ALL afternoon taking apart, cleaning, polishing and putting back together porch lights. Five of them. With four to go.

A clean porch light A clean porch light

Yep, Porch Lights. Really, really nasty lights with every known kind of bug and/or moth packed in, on and around the light bulbs. And dirt from 1981 caked in, on and around every possible recess of said lights.

I soaked, then scrubbed then dried and polished. Who knew porch lights could so dirty?

And now I have light. Lots of light. More light than I knew I could have on that porch. WooHoo! I can see things I’ve never noticed now!!!!

Like dirty windows.

By the way…do you have any idea how hard these dudes are to put back together? That’s where the medal part comes…

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