Dealing with Sudden Loss

Thank you for sharing just what I needed

David N Walker

We tell one another that we have no guarantees for the future. We don’t know who will live to be 100, who will die before retirement, and who may die tomorrow. Life is filled with uncertainty.

This was brought home to me rather graphically this week. My wife Sharon has a number of friends she’s stayed in touch with ever since childhood, and she naturally cherishes her relationships with these people.

Monday, she received a terse email from one of these friends she’s known since they were in the fifth grade—close to 60 years ago. All the email said was, “My daughter died.”

Such a cryptic message with no explanation included seemed strange enough to us we thought it was probably a hoax. The daughter in question was in her early forties and, so far as anyone knew, in excellent health. She wasn’t a drug user or a clinically depressed…

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