Zero Waste Week Day 3

Thank you for sharing have a blessed day

My Make Do and Mend Year

Today’s Rubbish adventures have been thankfully very few. I am sure you are all almost as grateful as I am as it means not having to look at lots of pictures of my rubbish…

We had our Riverford delivery today, which is thankfully very low on packaging. Most things are unpackaged, or in cardboard punnets. Except the raspberries…
ZWW-day 31Whenever I forget to place my order in time, and have to do my fruit and veg shopping at the supermarket, I Am always reminded just how much rubbish is generated by the simple act of food shopping. And it depressed me.

I thought we might almost make it through the day without any landfill waste, but I was scuppered again.
I needed to alter something on the blackboard in the playground at school, so went in to ask for something to rub out the chalk pen with and was handed a…

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