Wednesday 3rd September 2014 – Onions are all up, and some rather large potatoes.

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Clairesallotment's Blog

George is back to school today, and Emily tomorrow, but as they’re old enough and sensible enough (most of the time anyway) I can leave them at home and pop to the allotment. So that is exactly what I did this morning for about and hour and a half. I made up a box of goodies for my friend Clair who went out of her way to get me loads of manure, so as a “Thank you for some great poo”, I’ve made up a box of various bits from my plot and I’ll take it round to her later. I also dug up all my Onions. I’ve got loads to last us for quite a while, so that’s great news. Most of them have done really well, just the odd small one so I’m very pleased with them. When I got home I weighed some of the largest ones to…

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