Summer Betwixt 2 Slices of Bread

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Tomato sandwich

Ben’s Southern Summer Tomato Sandwich

This sandwich is almost too simple. But also easy to screw up.

Ingredients are the key to this southern sandwich’s culinary mysticism.

You need:

White bread. Soft, white bread. The kind of white bread everyone is always poo-pooing. Like Wonder Bread. Or if you want to go faux High-Brow, get Pepperidge Farm white bread.

Mayonnaise. Hellmann’s. Or Duke’s, the mayo many southerners swear by, although it’s hard to find anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon.

A Big, Fat, Juicy Homegrown Tomato. Must be at the peak of ripeness. If you don’t grow them yourself or have access to a neighbor’s backyard bounty, get it from a farmers’ market. Again, it MUST be ripe. DO NOT BUY IN A SUPERMARKET! And, did I mention it must be perfectly ripe? I prefer a big beefsteak variety; an heirloom like Brandywine is perfection. The one in the picture is…

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