Zero Waste Week-Day 2

have a blessed day

My Make Do and Mend Year

OK, 1st up, apologies for my moaning yesterday, and huge thanks for all your lovely comments and support!

So, Day 2.
I opened the bin this morning, to assess the extent of yesterday’s waste, only to find that hubby had deposited an empty packet of crisps, AND (this is truly shocking, so brace yourselves) a tea bag and some melon pips.

The evidence! The evidence!

Needless to say, I fished the teabag and the melon pips out, and put them with the rest of the food waste to go in our Green Johanna. But the crisp bag, I am kind of stuck with. I did manage to persuade hubby to switch from individual packets of crisps, to large family bags, that he then portions up into a sandwich bag (that he uses until it splits!), but he is reluctant to forgo crisps entirely. Does anyone have any Zero Waste answers to…

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