Mews: Why Pets Are So Good For Us

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Hi everyone,

Today we have a very special treat for you. An exclusive story about “why pets are so good for us” by Sheila Jeffries, author of Solomon’s Tale and Solomon’s Kitten:


I was lucky to be a country child. The dogs, cats and horses in my life were great teachers. Their wordless, unconditional love was so healing for me, and they truly gave me more than I could ever give back.

Children suffer so much from words and judgements that hurt and chip away at their confidence. A loving cat or dog, or even a rabbit, does not judge, does not blame. No matter what you have done wrong, your pet will still welcome you home, and, hey, isn’t that what is so needed in the world?  Caring love, the kind of love that inspires us to do better because we want to, not because it’s an obligation.

Learning to…

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