Zero Waste Week

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My Make Do and Mend Year

OK, it’s official, not only am I the world’s worst blogger, having not blogged for several weeks, I am also the world’s worst Zero Waste Week Blog Ambassador.

The fabulous Rachelle (of My Zero Waste fame) who is the brains and driving force behind Zero Waste Week, asked me a while ago if I would consider being a Zero Waste Ambassador. I said an enthusiastic “YES!”, and then in a rash of over-ambitousness (not sure that is a word..) I declared that my Zero Waste Week pledge was to actually have a Zero Waste Week. Totally forgetting that SmallSmall is still in nappies at night-time (yes, I know. We used reusables during the day for both Smalls, but couldn’t get on with them at night). So a big fat fail before we’ve even started.
Zero Waste selfie1

What I should have done, is lots of prep, and got a mini series of…

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