Post number 300: Milestones

Awesome and well done

Green Lizard's Blog

Milestones in this space are straightforward. Number of followers, number of hits, daily posting, comments, likes, start dates, anniversaries… There’s plenty of data to think about.

I’ve also blogged about some of those as I’ve continued the process.

For my three hundredth blog I want to do something different. I wanted to think of something different and try to put myself on the spot in writing terms.

I want to write three hundred words that explain why I keep a blog like this (not including the introduction of course).

So here goes:

This blog has a green philosophy. It is intended to record my efforts to live a more environmentally conscious life style every day. Some of the posts are historical, some look forwards or look at now. I want it to be a mixture of projects and attitudes.

I wanted to record them as a personal journal too. It’s…

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