Day 2: Zero Waste Week 2014

Thank you for sharing have a blessed week


I’m loving Zero Waste Week. I like having a task to focus on, and the ‘One More Thing’ challenge is getting the cogs of my brain turning a bit quicker than usual.

Graphic from

I’m also a big Twitter fan so I’m embracing the interactive side of #zerowasteweek – there are lots of conversations to be had as well as new blog posts to read courtesy of the team of Ambassadors. In fact, I’m having to work hard at ignoring the beep beep beep of my phone as new alerts ping in while I’m busy with other things…

Yesterday my self-set task was to sort through a bag of old clothes, in an attempt to find materials that I could upcycle before I recycled them. The aim was to extend their life and to prevent me from consuming new things before I truly need them. The task took a mere five…

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