Mao & Snowball’s car adventures!.

Thank you for sharing have a blessed day



Because our owners have two different homes, we travel for 10mins in the car every so often. We get to see all kinds of new things, and get to visit Nubia and Oli from time to time! ^^


Last time we travelled in the car it was super hot! So we wore harnesses. The carrier would’ve felt so suffocating! As you can see I’m dying in the heat! Mao tried to comfort me, but then she got OCD and started cleaning me. =( Our human straps us onto their seatbelts, and makes sure we’re sitting at all times. If we try moving around we get told off and get forced to sit on their laps… Super forced cuddles in the heat!! ><“ Sometimes we get to sit on their laps and get a nice view out the window too! SO MANY PIGEONS!!


This is our first time in a petrol…

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