Half full!

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Growing out of chaos

And no plastic…..

We’re talking about the compost bin here, rather than my glass of beer. Whilst turning the compost heap earlier this evening, I was joined by a friend who was almost as enthusiastic about the amount of new compost I had made as I was.


I can’t believe that the finishing off bin is half full. Of course, by next spring it won’t be that much but I am not just pleased in the general sense of achieving something from my hard work, I am thrilled that this £5 worth (at a guess) of compost does not come in yet another plastic bag.

Tomorrow is the start of Zero Waste Week 2014 and I have pledged to cut down, if not eliminate, the amount of food I buy which is packaged in plastic. This is just about the only waste I now produce which goes into landfill and…

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