Allotment promise: different types of harvest

Awesome and thank you for sharing Liz

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This year at the allotment I’ve been determined to try and have a broader range of harvest.

This week I’ve managed to have a visit where I gathered some less obvious things. Alongside the raspberries and blackberries I wanted some specific extra crops.


The hens love sunflower seeds. And this year we managed to grow several different kinds. The blue tits at the allotment are getting plenty of nourishment but I’ve also collected a few today for the home birds.

While liking for little things I headed into the cold frame. The coriander goes to seed like lightening so those little spheres are straight into the basket.

Then there’s lupins. The seed is edible somehow so I’ve now got some to experiment with. Mind you they do spread their seed fast, unfurling like rabbit ears so some of the pods might be empty.

After searching through the pods I won’t…

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