Hortus botanicus: Leiden

Awesome update and thank you Liz for sharing have a blessed day

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I do a bit of gardening but I’m not sure that I’m a gardener. I tend to think my successes are an accident and I’m never sure what my gardens going to do.

But I’m always open to inspiration.

Hortus botanicus is a lovely place in Leiden, The Netherlands. It’s also included on the Museum card so entry is covered and it’s possible to go as many times as you wish through the year.

I particularly enjoy the chance to get some fresh air, take some photos and be inspired.




In a rare break between downpours we made it there this week.

The veg garden is getting very overgrown and going to seed so I always feel better that our plot is pretty scruffy too right now.



It’s one of those places where there’s lovely walks and paths with interesting buildings and some fantastic trees.



They have a breathtaking arial…

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