Use-it-up Snack Bars

Awesome and thank you for sharing have a blessed day Liz

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We had some small people visiting lately and there’s breakfast cereal that we won’t eat so I figured it would make the basis for a good snack bar.

I tend to buy bars for emergencies. But I always think about making my own.

This gave me a good opportunity to see what else was lurking in the cupboard.

So how would I do this?

I’m not a great cook and I have a habit of being too experimental.
I started by melting cashew nut butter, agave syrup and appelstroop in a pan over a low heat.

There was about 3 tbsp of agave so I found the appelstroop as well. It was about two thirds of a cup. I used about the same amount of the cashew but butter.


(Other syrup would do.)

Meanwhile I added dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl.

3 cups chocolate cereal
1/2 cup chopped…

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