Sew-stainable fashion

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I’ve had an unplanned blogging break for a variety of reasons. It’s lovely to be back writing though. In fact I’d better get back into the way of it, and fast, because Zero Waste Week begins on the 1st of September – this Monday!!

Click here for National Zero Waste week 2013

If you are interested in signing up – take a look here for more information. The theme is ‘One More Thing’ and the week can be as hard or as ridiculously easy as you want! For inspiration and links to lots of great reading material, check out the hashtag #zerowasteweek

Although I’ve not been writing for the best part of a month, I have been thinking. Specifically I’ve been thinking about what I wish to achieve in terms of being more sustainable. In December 2013 I wrote this post outlining some of my goals for the year. An area that I need – and want…

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