Farewell Sweet Summer

Thanks for sharing have a blessed day

Fiona Dillon Writes

It’s the last week of August. The younger children are back to school and the rain hasn’t stopped falling.  In fact, it has pretty much been raining non stop since last Sunday morning.
IMG_4141Now I usually can’t remember what the weather was like yesterday, never mind last Sunday morning, but there’s a reason.

You see, months and months ago, I promised some friends that I would cook for them during the summer.  Last Saturday I kept my promise.  I had warned  my (kinda) apprehensive guests that this would be an outdoor event – I’d cook outside and we would all eat outside.  My theme was a hat and cushion party (they had to wear a hat to keep the heat in and a cushion to keep their bums warm – makes perfect sense to me!). In the run up to last Saturday my poor husband thought I had taken leave of my senses – my guest list…

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