Cat Travel: Neko no Jikan – Osaka, Japan



Ya-ho, Katzenworld readers!

Recently, on a trip to Osaka, I managed to sneak a visit to Japan’s first ever cat café!

Neko no Jikan was opened in 2004, and is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year. 🙂

I popped into the main branch for a snack and an hour with some cute kitties. Photos below!

Can you guess who was my favourite?!

When you approach the café, along the shopping street you can hear a recorded, super cute meow, beckoning you into the store! It really lets you know exactly where you need to go. ^^

When you enter, there are 3 different sets you can purchase – 1 hour with the kitties, 1 hour + a drink and 1 hour + a drink and a sweet! I purchased the 1 hour + drink and sweet option. The bracelet you can see on my wrist is how they mark your…

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