Sissinghurst – Crazy for Colchicums

Lovely and thank you for sharing have a blessed day

The Frustrated Gardener

I am guilty, guilty of having twice visited Sissinghurst this year and not having posted anything about it. Had this been any other garden I might have been forgiven, but on both occasions Sissinghurst was in its prime and more than worthy of sharing with you. I may still do so in the depths of winter when we all need a little joy. For now I will assuage my guilt by not dallying over an account of my third visit, which will extend over two posts. The first celebrates a bulbous flower, sometimes mistaken for a crocus, which makes an appearance just as everything else in the garden is on the wane. That flower is the colchicum, variously known as ‘meadow saffron’ or ‘naked ladies’.

Sissinghurst's splendid tower rises from the sward of the freshly scythed orchard Sissinghurst’s splendid Tudor tower rises from the sward of the freshly scythed orchard – a splash of pink at the foot of the right-hand tower is created by colchicums

Both common names are…

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