Money Trees

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The Marvellous Money Tree

While me and Harry was out walking, exploring and having adventures in the peak district, around a lovely area known as Dovedale, we came across what must be a marvel of the land.  A bonafide Money Tree! “Wow” Gasped Harry in wonder upon this discovery.

On closer inspection of said tree we found ponderous numbers of old and new coin, bronze and silver in colour, straight and bent in shape (not sure if my photo shows the coins well) of the sort I’d never seen before.  Secret further investigations doesn’t/hasn’t to date shed a lot of light on what is going on here and what tradition this is.  At best it appears people hammer coins into the old tree, as a form of bringing them luck…or future money.  


But as per usual, sorry if this bores anyone following me, but this find has inspired both…

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