The ziplock bag

Awesome update thanks for sharing have a blessed day Helen

Growing out of chaos

On Friday we got some plums from the organic farm and, wondering if it might be possible to grow some trees from the pits, I did a quick internet search. The upshot of this that I am now not only attempting to grow a tree but am repurposing a ziplock plastic bag.

One way or another, I have quite a collection of ziplock bags that used to be packaging for clothes. Why are the clothes thus packaged? They are non-perishable goods – and besides, might a customer not want to inspect them before purchase? I realise this must be for the convenience of the store/business, but for once it is also convenient for me!

The pits (clean and dry) go in the bag, which in turn goes in the fridge. By about five weeks, the pits should have cracked and begun sprouting. Et voila, they can be planted.

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