If we were having coffee…. Link up with GeneO

Awesome and well dome Liz have a blessed week

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So I’ve never done this before but that’s what blogging’s for.
If we were having coffee link ups are aimed at sharing with other bloggers. Here’s my thoughts for Just GeneO’

I’d ask for tea, most likely, ideally fresh mint tea. I like it with honey, if possible.

I’d like to talk about the achievements this last few days. In spite of dreadful, torrential, unpredictable, frequent bouts of rain, we’ve spruced up our house outside a great deal.



This isn’t something that happens very often as there’s always plenty to do with allotments and stuff.

It was all an accident. We had a new brush with wire in it. It was calling my name so we started on the mossy driveway.

Over coffee mint tea, I’d also find it impossible to mention the pride I have in reaching five hundred followers this week and my highest likes day on my…

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