Fancy gadgets: Dehydrator

Awesome that will be the next thing I save up for have a blessed day

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I’ve written a few posts lately with dehydrator recipes or use.

Kale miso chips.

fruit leather

So I thought it might be helpful to write about the dehydrator.

Now the average Dutch kitchen is tiny. And I’m generally gadget phobic because storage can be a big challenge. But I’m curious about food and in particular vegetarian options. Anything I do buy needs to be multi-use too if possible.

Dehydrators have become very fashionable in the raw food trend. But that’s not why I bought one.

In my interest in food I’m primarily focused on ways I can use the food we grow. Any successful process has the following criteria:
1. Low cost
2. Low energy
3. Tasty
4. Low effort and simple
5. Low waste

There’s a lot going on and I don’t have much time so if I stumble across a process that ticks those boxes I’m very happy.

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