Experiments with seedlings

Good like with your Experiments with seedlings hope they turn out for you

Growing out of chaos

Recently, I read about gardening on clay soil, which suggested producing seedlings which are then planted in the garden soil when strong enough. Tonight it was the turn of lettuce and spinach with this method.

My rationale is that even if this method fails, little will have been lost, considering the meagre success I have had with direct sowing in the past. (Miraculously, I did get a few good sized lettuce last year but not even seedlings appeared elsewhere.)

So, the seedlings have been repotted to give them more space to grow. And now they have gone in what I have named the ‘incubator’ (aka net cloche).

The Chinese cabbage seems to be doing okay, despite supposedly not liking transplantation…. I’ve discovered what was eating them: a cabbage white caterpillar! How that got under the net I don’t know but it has now gone in the municipal garden waste bin…

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