Salt, pepper, tomatoes! Glut at the Plot!

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Allotment veg are a conundrum. We spend a lot of time hoping and willing the little seedlings to poke their heads out of the earth.

Waiting, watching, watering.

Then we have a challenge to see what flourishes and what doesn’t. Followed swiftly by the

Oh no! Too many ……. not enough ……,,

It’s a fill in the blanks.

Every year the results are different so it’s hard to predict.

Then the race is on to ‘deal with’ that produce effectively.

But I’m ready!

I’ve gradually developed strategies to keep on top of the stuff. I prefer low effort simple solutions requiring very few non-home grown ingredients.

This year red hen was interested in what was going to happen to the yellow plum tomatoes.




I washed them, sliced them in half and put them in two trays in the dehydrator.
Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper and then switch…

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