Opening Doors

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What do you make of this?

Paint a door!

Hmm didn’t really appeal me.

But then again. Here’s the door.

This is the door to the shed. The shed is sixty years old. Well the house is sixty years old having been built in the 1950s.

The shed is a brick built edifice in the back yard so I think it’s original. There are three houses together under one roof and they all have a similar shed.

It’s looking convincing isn’t it?

A sixty year old shed.

And a sixty year old shed door.

I wonder who made it? It’s home made and repaired. It has nails securing it. It’s been filled and patched.

It used to be garden green. When we moved in it was in need of painting and now it needs painting again.

We could’ve got a new door or made a new door. But do you…

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