Life on the Back Yard Farm

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My lovely and talented farming female friends shared with me some of their green beans. These became the first frozen batch I put aside. I tried out blanching for the first time.


Slowly accumulating (non sprayed) wild blackberries and freezing them.


This is my little ‘use now’ seed stash that sits ready for me, right here, near my computer in the kitchen. I treated myself to this wildflower mix while shopping the other day. Here in the Pacific Northwest, wildflower seeds can be sown during the rainy fall for spring germination.


Remember those nasturtiums you’ve been spying in the garden pictures? Here are their seed pods, all pickled up. They call these Poor Man’s Capers, which I find a bit funny, seeing as every recipe I found online called for white wine vinegar. I don’t think poor men generally have white wine vinegar in their cupboards. I didn’t, so I…

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