The August hunger gap

Lovely post and thank you for sharing have a blessed day

Growing out of chaos

I thought it was just me with a dearth of home produce to consume at the moment. Well, that might be true as well. But on Friday at the local organic farm there was also a resounding lack of veg on sale. I know they reserve a lot of their produce for their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture scheme) but even so…

Perhaps it is something to do with the microcosm we live in as I haven’t notice this phenomenon on any of the blogs I follow. It does seem though that I might just have to rely on shop-bought food (horror of all horrors) to get our five-a-day for a while.

I had been hopeful of a little pumpkin soon. There had been a second one growing but presumably the vine couldn’t sustain it. In any case, the pumpkin has fallen off and looks like it is rotting, so in…

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