Weed, Weed, Weed

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It’s all vegetables, fruit and flowers down that allotment. Pretty colours and ripening produce. Burgeoning baskets of tubers, pods, roots and blossoms.

How come they get all the attention eh?

Yet those precious prima donnas have bugs and diseases and problems. They need special attention, nurturing and nursing. Heaven forbid it gets a bit cold or windy at the wrong moment and the whole lot goes down the tubes.

But then there’s weeds.

Constant, reliable, fundamentally resilient.

They expect nothing and ask for no special treatment.

And then they never get any limelight or celebrity. There’s no pictures of weeds on Instagram. No status updates about impressive pernicious plants on Facebook.

Occasionally nettles will get in on a plate of risotto but on the whole the humble weed goes unnoticed like a plain bridesmaid.

So here’s a few weeds that deserve some attention. The evil antiheroes of my allotment.



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