If these grow….

lovely post and thank you for sharing Helen

Growing out of chaos

Recently, I wrote about the cost of growing your own versus the savings compared to buying the food. Overall, I worked out the savings from growing my own herbs at least in theory covered the cost of all the seeds, equipment and other paraphenalia you need to garden. However, it occurred to me this evening that if all eleven of the Chinese cabbage under the net tunnel grew they in themselves would almost cover the cost of the tunnel in the first place.


There are about another ten Chinese cabbage seedlings waiting to go out and I am going to try to sneak them under the net as well. The net cost £14 and one of these cabbages in the shops would set me back upwards of a pound. So, it’s a no-brainer, really….

I have a feeling one or two of the cabbages might not do too well, as…

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