Flip flops in the Sea

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We’ve had the good fortune of spending some time on a tiny remote island in the Indonesian archipelago.

Beautiful golden sands, clear blue glistening seas. Traditional style fishing boats bobbing gently in the surf.

The tree lined shore creates that classic island image. No sky scrapers, the holiday resorts are small profile bungalows I. Little clusters. Their pointed roofs of bamboo leaves and natural materials.

The blue sky clear, apart from a tiny wisp of cloud. Nothing but birdsong to trouble your mind.

Delicate flip-flops dotted along the shore.

Eh? Did I just say Flip-Flops?


I became a little focussed. We spotted two trees adorned with flip-flops in a sculptural way too.

The flotsam and jetsam of the beach has become useful for tracking the passage of the ocean currents. A shoe lost on one side of the world can easily reappear on the other.


<a href=”http://


This National Geographic…

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