What a load of Pears!

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So here’s the thing. I’ve got tonnes of pears. They are fairly small and not the juiciest but they are prolific. The allotment has been kind.


They come from a tree with a great story.

When we started the allotment there was an enormous compost heap in the corner.

Eventually we got around to clearing it as it was fairly messy and not really making compost just mess.

Under the heap was a stump.

The stump looked very forlorn. The previous owner of the plot knew nothing about it.

The following year it sprouted.

The year after that it had flowers.

The next spring the flowers got as far as being fruitlets but these fell off.

Then the next year we had seventy pears!


Last year was quiet again. But now that bag full is about half the harvest. I think we must have a hundred.

So the question…

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