Trouser Bag

Awesome Jen thank you for sharing have a blessed day

My Make Do and Mend Year

I made a bag. From trousers.

I was planning on making this post into a tutorial, a ‘How-to’, as you would all be so dazzled by my fabulous upcycling, that you would be desperate to have a go yourselves…

Well, ermm, my planned trouser to bag upcycle did not go exactly to plan.
It looks ok from the outside-I used a pair of trousers that I was given on our Buy Nothing page, that were too small, and two ties from a charity shop, to make the body of the bag. So far so good.

Trouser bag1
Then I decided it needed lining, and in keeping with the other components of the bag, it should be lined with an old shirt. AND I could use the shirt breast pocket as a handy phone pocket for my bag. Genius!
Or it would be if I could measure/sew properly.
I made the lining too…

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