Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Water

Lovely post thank you for sharing have a blessed day

Green Lizard's Blog

I’ve decided to participate in another photo challenge for bloggers. I really liked participating in one by Preeti at Lenz Experiments recently so thought I’d do this one now.

I hasn’t thought of blogging as a photo opportunity for me but since then I’ve realized how much I enjoy finding the right shot. I have a personal rule and that is that I should try and fit the photo with my eon blog themes if I can but water is part of nature and it’s really easy to connect this one.

Cee’s challenge sounds interesting. Water or winter. Now given that August here is summer and it’s warm and sunny for the most part that gives me water.


I have just the thing.


We’ve been on holiday. This is me underwater doing what I enjoy most.

Then there’s this.


That same water calling my name from the beach. Clear…

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