Vegan Kale Miso Chips

Cool post Liz will have to look for oven recipe as do not have one have a blessed day

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Allotment gardening is many things. It’s a chance to hit the fresh air, get some exercise and chill out.

It’s also a chance to grow stuff to eat. When we started we grew things that were very logical. Potatoes, tomatoes, beans etc.

But over time we decided to target our crops very specifically. We grew courgette flowers a specific personal delicacy. We grew purple foods cos I love the colour. We grew broad beans and parsnips that are less easy to get in the shops.

This year we targeted another tasty treat.


It’s the latest superfood, much celebrated by the Jamies, Nigellas and celebrity chefs.

We had it once in a vegetarian restaurant.

It was divine.

So today’s the day when I picked our first crop.


I used this recipe. In part because we’ve got a dehydrator but there are plenty of oven recipes too. The other reason…

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