The prize for pruning

Awesome update your garden is coming along nicely Helen

Growing out of chaos


Spring onions, okra, mangetout, blackberries and strawberries – only a handful but all mine! The vegetables were wonderful in a stirfry and the fruit worked well with yoghurt.

I know why my produce is coming in such small portions. Yes, it is partly the small garden, though I am working on that (ie how to get more out of a small space). It’s also because I was sidetracked by the allotment and missed most of April as I was in Japan. I do also need to add a lot more organic matter to the soil.

Still, for me it was a great treat after getting the secateurs out and going into the rain. The second round of roses had finished, some of the phacelia was starting to look very messy and the rocket had flowers, which definitely needed to be removed.

It is said that once rocket flowers, the leaves…

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