There be giants!

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Going away and leaving your allotment in summertime is risky.

Some would argue that it’s too risky.

But if that’s when the holidays are what choice do you have?

This year with all the bumper stuff happening I was a tad reluctant to go. After all you can come back to chaos. Overflowing weeds , crops that have gone to seed and stopped producing, and potential disasters.

So it was with trepidation that we headed for the plot yesterday after two weeks of absence.


The wilderness wasn’t that untamed. There were no wild animals scaling the archway, no triffids progressing towards the road.


The giant in question was this courgette come marrow hiding under the sunflowers.

And this yellow cousin.

Meanwhile joy and jubilation at the other developments.



For the first time in five years tomatoes that are ripening and giant chillies!


And better still the soya beans have flourished…

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