Anaerobic activity

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Growing out of chaos

I have a fascination with my compost heap. Even though on the surface it looks more inert than half the crops in my garden, there was clearly a lot of activity going on last night.

Before I turned the heap twelve hours ago, it was almost full. I took out about six inches (max) of compost for the finishing bin and put the rest back, as well as adding some water and a topping of fresh kitchen waste. Already, however, the heap looked like it had lost some size.

Now, this morning, I am amazed that the bin only looks half full. I just hope I am going to be amazed by its contents in a few weeks’ time.


Off to the moors now and a workshop on archaeology. It’s a bit drizzly but I’d like to see the heather anyway.

© Helen Butt, August 2014

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