Rain on clay

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Growing out of chaos

There is a stereotype abound that it rains a lot in England. Well, sure it does – in comparison with California or the Sahara. It certainly rains a lot on the other side of the Pennines, a ridge of hills which run down the centre of the North of England. The East, however, is prone to drought in summer.

Two summers ago was different. I waxed lyrical at that time about the extremely unpleasant conditions, so suffice to say that the rain today is needed and, though inconvenient if you left your washing out while you were away from home on some errands like me, not about to destroy crops. It does nonetheless highlight the disadvantage of clay soil.


Actually, my drainage isn’t so bad. Those puddles won’t be there tomorrow, especially as it is supposed to be sunny and warm. But the area pictured above is obviously compacted and…

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