RAIN: My Turkish Delight

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Green Lizard's Blog

a couple of days ago I spent a little time trying to unravel a photographic mystery. As a result of some simple detective work involving a strange photo, I managed to win a guest blog post from ace blogger and inciteful Turkish resident, Spike.

I struck very lucky!


Fancy a spot of semi-retirement fruit growing in the sun?

I’m Uncle Spike, and as it happens, I’m dancing this little jig called guest blogging in response to a challenge that Liz, your host, set me off on after winning one of my ‘Guess What’ photo challenges on Uncle Spike’s Adventures. Her return challenge to me was this: “I think I’d like a 500 word guest blog on ‘rain’! It’s watery, and you don’t get much of it!”, so here goes.

Well, to set the scene… In a delusional state a few years ago, I decided to dump everything…

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