#makedoandmendhour 7th August

Awesome update Jen

My Make Do and Mend Year

Here we go with the round-up of this week’s #makedoandmendhour Twitter chat 🙂

Pics we shared:


1. Bargain 10p vintage pillowcases from a car boot! @Shelleykitten is going to use these for a patchwork quilt
2. @lovesusiestars found this canvas in the recycling bin, and hot-footed home with it, to turn it into…
3. This! A retro duvet cover later and @lovesusiestars has transformed it 🙂
4. @DalkeyDan is Making Do with her bright pink bathroom suite…
5. @Maker_of_Things make this bike trailer from a rucksack rack and some wheelchair wheels!
6. @SewingDude showed that old blankets and sheets can make fabulous dresses
7. @CarlaRTOATSblog shared that start of her bookcase upcycle-even the paper is Make Do and Mend!
8. Real life Make Do and Mend from @ahouswifeswork’s Mum, back in the day
9. @nikkiw76 has been raiding her Granny’s attic, and found this mixer-some bits still unused in the original…

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