Nubia: DJing on the Scratching Deck – A fun feline review



Hi there friends and humans alike,

It’s time for a fun product review with ME – Nubia!

Today my humans got a HUGE parcel I wonder what new toy is in there for me.

Oliver: *Shouts from the back* What if it is for me???


Nubia: What is it??? Can I go in there yet!


Nubia: Ok this box is purrfect… What was I doing again? Oh yea the review!!!!


Nubia: Look this is it!!!! its a Cat Scratching Pad styled as DJ desk by Suck UK 😀


Nubia: Something tells me that I won’t be able to assembl this with my three paws… Humans! Time for you to join in and make yourself useful!!!


Nubia: This was half way through building it. I really didn’t to wait for them to be finished this disk just looked to… hmmm tasty!


Nubia: Right here is a tip for the other  cats…

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