Dill Pickles

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Today my hubby, the little one and I took a trip to a close by local farm and farm stand. I got two flats of pickling cukes, a flat of blueberries, four bundles of dill, and a few other fresh finds.


Once home, I began my pickling session by making a batch of vinegar dills. As in boiling water bath, quick pickles.



As I felt the tiredness coming on I made the executive decision to make one huge, ‘easy’ batch of fermented pickles, thereby saving myself a bunch of labor. I had planned on using the crock anyway, but I filled it. I truly filled it.


The Crock.


A look inside the crock at the ‘aromatics,’ as the recipe calls them.


Onions, dill fronds, and underneath, garlic cloves, peppercorns, dried hot peppers, and very locally picked grape leaves (for crispness).


Cucumbers layered inside the giant crock.


The cucumbers in their…

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