Scrumping: a sad tale

Lovely post Liz thank you for sharing you could save the seeds and try and grow one or if their are plenty of side shoots take a cutting off it and plant it on your allotment thank you for sharing

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This could have a happy ending but this story isn’t told yet.


Two years ago I had a bucket full of crabapples. A neighbour had an ornamental fruit tree in her garden and she assumed that the fruit wasn’t something you could eat.

But I decided something different. I found an amazing recipe for crabapple and chilli jelly. And sure enough those apples that she thought was some kind of cherry made great jelly!

So last year I was keen to repeat the success but unfortunately her crabapples were no good! the birds ate them, the caterpillars ate them, everything was against me, including the weather.

But I had a cunning plan.

At my work there were some crabapple trees that were just coming to fruit.

I asked permission to use them and soon had a small bag full.

But then I noticed something else.

On my way to work…

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