Walking round the houses

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When an area in The Netherlands is redeveloped careful thought goes into the way something is designed.

A key social aspect to new buildings is the creation of safe spaces around houses where cars don’t dominate.

They’re called kindvriendlijk or child friendly. But more than that neighbourhoods that are child friendly are people friendly

In practice this simple idea is manifested in various ways. One new housing development illustrates this well.


As you can see. The houses have a common courtyard so that a safe area has been created. This design isn’t new it dates back to fishermen’s cottages in various areas of the country. Obviously these are common near harbours and sea fronts .

So how has this new development made this idea work in a modern context?


There’s a car park underground!

Now the area also sustains natural features including this waterway next to the housing.


As you…

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