That was the (Chiswick) weekend that was….


Chiswick Mum

This was an odd weekend. Because I’ve been working so hard (read – procrastinating) over my post-grad diploma, I spent most of the weekend indoors working on that.

So there was none of my usual scoot down the Chiswick High Rd or nipping into Waitrose for my free coffee and newspaper (get thee a Waitrose members card for goodness sake, if you haven’t already got one)

Because we’re really quite outdoorsy (we eat outside at every meal in summer) this meant making the most of my breaks from studying.

This meant – ice lollies from the volunteer-run cafe at our new favourite park, Boston Manor Park. You can still get a rocket lolly for 60p there!

Making slow cooked lancashire hot pot in the crock pot.

Making handpainted ‘password please’ signs for the playhouse outside. Sorry, I mean for the secret agent den. Thanks Streetbank user for this lovely playhouse…

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