Budget Guide to Cultivating

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The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

I get it, gardening is expensive.  In fact it’s extremely expensive.  Plants, seeds, tools, mowers, soil, containers, more soil…

The list is endless and it all starts to stack up, especially after a hoot round the garden centre with barely much to show for it.

That’s all very well and good but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Gardening doesn’t have to cost you the earth (see what I did there?!), which is just as well because if it did I’d be stone broke by now!

A little planning goes a long way.

This guide is for the savvy folk who don’t want to spend out but wish to spend time having a go at digging, planting, wedding and talking to their roses (and yes I do talk to my chilli plants occasionally), To try getting their hands more dirty than not in soil while not having to spend…

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