Success stories: list of veg heroes!

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This year on the allotment has been epic already. I’m not keen to jinx it but I wanted to make a list.

I’m not big on list posts but this list is a great achievement for us.

New Crops
Here’s some of the stuff we either never grew before or never had any luck with.

1. Walking onions
2. Soya beans
3. Achocha
4. Gherkins
5. Purple sprouting broccoli

Improved stuff
Here’s some stuff where the yield has been far better than before already.

1. Garlic
2. Shallots
3. Onions
4. Basil
5. Coriander

New Projects

These are things that we didn’t achieve before.

1. Saving parsnip seed
2. Planting seakale
3. Planting mint
4. Growing borage from last years self seeding
5. Including flowers in our garden

Weird new stuff

We’ve also introduced a few more things to our world that might do well.

1. Beauty berry
2. Gogi…

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